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Q1 Market update: The first phase of the global recession

Dec Mullarkey PUBLISHED May 13, 2020

A forecast of a recession comes as no surprise right now. But what happens when infection rates start to flatten? And what are governments doing now to help boost economic recovery?

Understanding the difference between an RRSP and TFSA

Dale Jackson PUBLISHED Jan 31, 2020

RRSPs and TFSAs are like those guys at work we really like, but can’t tell apart. 

Use your quarantine time to devise a better tax strategy

Dale Jackson PUBLISHED May 8, 2020

Pandemic or no pandemic, the deadline to file 2019 taxes is June 1. Normally, it’s April 30, but the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) extended the filing deadline when COVID-19 ramped up, and gave Canadians until Sept. 1 to pay taxes owed with no interest or penalties.

why legacy planning for coronavirus shouldn’t stop with a will 

Leo Almazora, PUBLISHED April 16, 2020

Estate planning expert shares advice on potential pitfalls, points for review, and key developments.

Health and Life Insurance options for single parents

Deanne Gage, PUBLISHED May 12, 2020

As a single parent, how do you help to financially protect your children if something happens to you?

Positive thinking: How optimism can improve your health

Renee Sylvestre-Williams, PUBLISHED May 07, 2020

Being optimistic can boost your physical and mental health. Here’s how you can start maintaining a positive outlook.

Are you entitled to a tax refund for your medical expenses?

Brenda Spiering, PUBLISHED May 08, 2020

I was surprised to learn following my son’s accident that I could claim a portion of both his health expenses and our health insurance premiums on my tax return. 

How to make the most of your life insurance at work

Chad Fraser, PUBLISHED May 04, 2020

Employer-provided life insurance is a great benefit. You can make it even better with these simple tips.

Managing stress and anxiety during a pandemic

Emily Gilbert, PUBLISHED March 17, 2020

If you are experiencing feelings of stress or anxiety when it comes to COVID-19, you are not alone. We talked to a registered psychologist and put together a few tips you may find useful. 

How to build your emergency fund

Farhana Uddin, PUBLISHED April 21, 2020

You might not be able to predict a financial emergency, but you can prepare for one. Here’s how you can be ready life’s surprises. 

3 ways an advisor can help you during COVID-19

Jillian Stinson, PUBLISHED May 1, 2020

Are you worried about the affect of COVID-19 on your finances? Here’s how a trusted advisor can help. 

Planning for the (potential) costs of long-term care

Jason Heath, PUBLISHED February 10, 2020

Insuring against a potential expense that could range from nothing to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and could happen at any time during a 30-plus year retirement, is challenging. 

Insurance companies cut group health plan premiums as claims fall

Tara Deschamps, PUBLISHED April 17, 2020

Canadian insurance companies are slashing premiums in a bid to help small and medium-sized businesses grapping with COVID-19.

Are your insurance premiums tax-deductible?

Dave Dineen, PUBLISHED April 6, 2020

Can you get a tax break for life, health or disability insurance? Sometimes. Here’s what to ask a tax professional to find out the answers for you. 

Canadian insurance companies predict changes to premiums, virtual care after COVID-19

Tara Deschamps, PUBLISHED April 1, 2020

When COVID-19 started spreading through Canada, the president of one of the cournty’s largest insurance companies was thinking about mothers who have to tote kids to a waiting room and keep them entertained for hours just to see a doctor.

What you need to know about employment law during Covid-19

Scott Hawryliw, PUBLISHED April 1, 2020

Here’s how to clarify your employment rights during this confusing and unprecedented time.

How will you live if you can’t work? Here’s how disability insurance can help


Most of us don’t think of our income as our single biggest asset — but it is. Disability insurance is designed to protect it.

Study Shows Canadians are overwhelmingly underinsured


According to a new research from Canadian online insurance brokerage PolicyyAdvisor.com, an overwhelming majority of Canadians with dependents are significantly underinsured and have not acknowledged the severity of their situations.

What’s the difference between buying life insurance online and from an advisor


You can do so much online: book a vacation, order groceries, rate your dentist. You can even buy life insurance online, sometimes without answering any questions about your health. 

Critical Illness Insurance Gaining Mass Appeal

Critical illness (CI) insurance is gaining prominence slowly but surely as more and more Canadians become aware of the flexibility the coverage provides and more companies make CI part of their employee group health benefits plans.


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