Corporate Insurance

All of our advisors are independent business owners themselves, and strategically partner with our firm so they can elevate the level of advice they give to you, their clients.

We bring creative solutions to the table. By using our kit of insurance solutions we’re able to confidently secure funding for Buy/Sell Agreements, protect the value of your business in the event of the death, disability or illness of a key executive; and provide liquidity and certainty in times of financial disorder.

Business Succession

For business owners, it is even more vital to include your advisors at the table when putting plans in place. While it’s possible to structure your own business succession plan, professional advice can be invaluable, and is essential if you anticipate that your business will have a market value exceeding the value you bring to the table .

Shareholder / Partnership Agreements

If your corporation has more than one shareholder, a shareholder’s agreement should include a “buy-sell” provision that provides direction as to what happens on the death or disability of one of the shareholders.

As owners of businesses that have transitioned through generations ourselves, the advisors at Creative Planning are well equipped to help you navigate through the myriad options you have at your disposal.

Our Services

Being independent and not owned by an insurance company or bank, we’re able to leverage long-standing relationships with insurance and investment companies, always maintaining the position as your advocate.

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